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Prairie Heights High School Guidance Department
0245 S 1150 E
LaGrange, Indiana 46761
260.351.3214 (Office)
260.351.3848 (Fax)

Billie Fry- Director of Guidance (L-Z) ext. 4650
Elizabeth Sutton- Guidance Counselor (A-K) ext. 4640
Tish Covell- Guidance Secretary ext. 4630

The Role of the School Counselor
  • School counselors are actively committed to helping students explore their abilities, strengths, interests and talents as these traits relate to career awareness and development.
  • School counselors help parents focus on ways to further the education, personal and social growth of students.
  • School counselors work with teachers and other educators to help students explore their potential and set realistic goals for themselves.
  • School counselors seek to identify and utilize community resources that can enhance and compliment comprehensive school counseling programs and help students become productive members of society.
  • Comprehensive school counseling programs are considered an integral part of the educational process that enables all students to achieve success in school.

Scheduling season is happening right now! 
During the last week in January, students were given their course selection sheets for the 2015-2016 school year. Students are encouraged to take these documents home to get parent input about next year's courses.  Course sheets will be due to your student's English teacher by February 13th, 2015.  Counselors will meet with each student individually beginning the week of February 16th to look over course sheets and verify that students have chosen the appropriate courses to meet their post-secondary goals. Click here for a link to the 2015-2016 Course Descriptions Guide.